Rising oddity

The travelling circus theme used for our first advertising campaign provides a stage for expressing the whole idea behind the brand’s creation. It celebrates human multidimensionality, individuality that eludes rigid schemes and stereotypes, and the courage to show one’s true self in the face of everything. All of this is encapsulated in our motto “find your r.oddity”

We can draw from the positive emotions sparked by the arrival of the circus to the city: injecting  a shimmering element of magic into the dull grey of an average day and elevating it to something special, and perfectly reflecting our own feelings of opening the brand of r.oddity.

We called our first collection RISING ODDITY.

The name itself, of course, is not accidental. We associate the word “rising” with dawn, a new beginning, and with novelty and courage. This is the symbolic sobriquet we chose to showcase our first works.
Rising Oddity presents five models with forms inspired by elementary shapes, characterized by functionality and comfort while at the same time embodying modern design and simplicity. You will find in it both universal and classic models to compliment everyday life, as well as more extravagant ones for special occasions.
The bags are made of full-grain Italian cowhide leather, organically tanned with vegetable tannins. In addition to leather, the handbags are made of other proven and noble materials such as brass, Tencel or velour leather.

Photo session: Nadia Szymańska
Backstage: Agnieszka Bińczycka