The main motivation and driving force to create the brand r.oddity was the need to create something for ourselves, of ourselves, from scratch. For us that meant something that stood for something, but also that we could take responsibility for and steer in the direction our creativity and design aesthetics lead.

The defining characteristics in r.oddity are simplicity, subtlety and spice. After all, minimalism does not have to mean modesty or boredom. Fashion in its deepest form should be a means of inner expression, on behalf of both the designer who creates it and its recipient. The r.oddity brand is aimed at women as they are: multidimensional, characterized by complex needs and appearing every day in many conflicting roles. They are not monolithic, they escape stereotypes and rigid expectations. R.oddity is an invitation to be thoroughly yourself, to dance to your own beat, to feed your own creativity. “Oddity” conveys positive uniqueness, as it is something each woman has. Meanwhile the “r” subtly represents the diversity of our collections, each one different but unified by a common identity. We sincerely hope that our mission we propose will fulfil its task, offering a space to proudly bear the marks of your own personality.


Taking full responsibility for the durability of the products sold, we decided to make our handbags from Italian vegetable-tanned leather. Choosing all the materials, we definitely rejected those materials that would contain any derivatives of plastic. The leather we use comes from an AQC certified tannery, which guarantees that the principles of environmental protection, employee rights and health and safety rules are complied with in its production. Tests on leather samples carried out in cooperation with the University of Florence and the PO.TE.CO technological center in Santa Croce sull’Arno did not show the presence of heavy metals on the leather surface, thanks to which they are non-toxic and non-allergenic in contact with human skin, as well as showing full biodegradability of this material at the level of 90%. Moreover, the skins used in our projects have been obtained with minimal water consumption and are a by-product of the meat industry.

.Other materials used in the projects are pine wood and American walnut, brass and other metals and their alloys, including nickel used in the production of fittings. The linings, present in some models of bag, are made of Lyocell (Tencel™), produced from wood cellulose, in a way that is more environmentally friendly than alternative textiles such as cotton or viscose. Our brand is always open to new, natural materials, the markets of which we constantly monitor. The bags are sewn in Poland, in a local leathercraft workshop.


The design studio comes from Krakow and is co-created by three people: Anna Juzaszek, Agnieszka Bińczycka and Malwina Miszczyńska.