We are dedicated to crafting eco-conscious leather handbags in Poland, celebrating minimalism, exceptional design, and meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment extends beyond fashion; we embrace the principles of the sharing economy and social responsibility through our innovative rental program.

Introducing “Rare Oddity,” our second exclusive collection. Immerse yourself in a world that has wholly captured our imagination—a realm inspired by the legendary sea women, also known as pearl hunters or the last mermaids – Ama and Haenyeo communities. They live exceptionally: in full harmony with nature and the ocean biosystem, while bravely taking risks every day and pushing their own limits by diving several meters deep into the ocean on one breath only. Within the Rare Oddity collection, we present four distinctive models. At the heart of this collection lies the warmth of wood, elegantly gracing the sides of each bag, crafted from American walnut-veneered pine. We continue to explore the possibilities of brass, exemplified by our bespoke brass closures for the Akoya and Hope bags.